Mike on "Curb Your Enthusiasm" this week.

This week the episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" that I filmed last August in NYC is airing on
HBO.   The show is called "Larry vs. Michael J. Fox."    Michael is living in the apartment  above Larry
and is making a ton of racket at night.   Larry suspects that Michael J. Fox is using his Parkinson's to
cover for purposefully harrassing him.   As the 'battle' progresses, Michael suggests that Larry bring
the issue in front of the apartment board for resolve.   I play one of the board members. 

Later at another location, Michael J. Fox is giving a speech and Larry, telling Jeff about a birthday
gift he bought for a child, makes a 'playing the violin' gesture.    Fox thinks Larry is making fun of him
publicly and then mayor Michael Bloomberg throws Larry out of the city.   I'm there "booing" Larry out of

We filmed all afternoon.   The show is completely ad-libbed.   And just like recording a CD - you do a ton
of takes and then the producer 'comps' it into their own vision.  

I laffed so hard the day we filmed.  My character is a serious fellow and it was difficult to keep from laffing
with Larry ranting right in my face.   I am very proud to be on the roster of such a groundbreaking and
brilliant TV show.   I hope you have a chance to watch it this week.

cheers - mp

                    Mike questioning Larry                                                 Larry pleading his case

                      Larry gets kicked out of NYC

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