Mike on "Curb Your Enthusiasm" this week.

This week the episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" that I filmed last August in NYC is airing on
HBO.   The show is called "Larry vs. Michael J. Fox."    Michael is living in the apartment  above Larry

13 Year Old Morgan Bernard at Fullblast Recordings !

Back when I was young (ages ago) it seemed that the caliber of musicianship was a bit higher than it is
today.   In order to play the current hits on guitar, one had to woodshed quite a lot.…

Elvis Recording at Fullblast!!??

Catchy title (I know) - of course Elvis isn't recording at Fullblast (he passed away in case you haven't heard)
BUT - Royce Taylor, one of the singers from the Imperials, is!! In case you don't know, the…

Alice Bartels in studio and new BlueZ

This week Nashville singer/songwriter Alice Bartels has been in the studio at Fullblast
finishing two new songs for her upcoming Cd.   If ANYBODY (I'm working with here)
is gonna get one of their songs covered by a…

KSP & Celebrities

Greetings -

Been REAL busy in 'studio-land' and lucky me 'cause the weather here in Nashville has been cold-cOld-COLD
(and gray and snowy).

There's a new tab on my home page.  It's called "Celebs."   Being in…

Back in the U.S.S.A.

It's GREAT to be back home in the U.S. of A. (Nashville to be exact) after 3 months in Europe.   Though
it's just as cold here as it was there.  When I left we were still going swimming!!??…

1 in 8.25 Million !

I was in New York City again last weekend.   NYC has 8.25 million people living there so you basically
NEVER see the same person twice.   When I lived there back in the 80's it always amazed me that I…

Mike on "Curb Your Enthusiasm"

I'm in New York City filming a guest spot on "Curb Your Enthusiasm" with my friend
Larry David.  Also starring on the episode is Michael J. Fox and NYC mayor
Michael Bloomberg.   It was a "Mike Extravaganza!"   I…

In studio

I'm currently in the studio recording various projects.  One is for a Nashville based singer songwriter Jesse
Saint James.
  The first tune we cut is called "Kill Myself With You." It's an edgy rocker ala Soko meets Pat …