Alice Bartels in studio and new BlueZ

This week Nashville singer/songwriter Alice Bartels has been in the studio at Fullblast
finishing two new songs for her upcoming Cd.   If ANYBODY (I'm working with here)
is gonna get one of their songs covered by a major artist it's Alice!   Her songs are SOOOOO
catchy and have all the right elements to tug at your heartstrings.   We cut some rhythm tracks
on Music Row at Benchmark Studios (using Nashville's finest studio cats) and then all
vocals (she sounds like a young Carly SImon) and post production was done here at Fullblast.  
For a sample of Alice's last project at Fullblast check out her video at:

And speaking of "checking things out" - I'm in the mastering stages of my blues Cd.  Whew,
I would never want to be a mastering engineer 'cause it takes so much concentration.   Plus
I've got a bit of 'post project depression' (a sort of sadness that comes when you HAVE TO
make final decisions about a Cd) so the mastering is taking extra long.  There's a song on the
main page called "I Don't Worry" (you may be hearing it now) that will appear on the Cd.

Hope you and yours are doing well and DO drop me a line to let me know what's going on
in your world!



Alice Bartels recording at Fullblast

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