Elvis Recording at Fullblast!!??

Catchy title (I know) - of course Elvis isn't recording at Fullblast (he passed away in case you haven't heard)
BUT - Royce Taylor, one of the singers from the Imperials, is!! In case you don't know, the Imperials were Elvis'
backup singers in the studio and for live gigs from 1966 - 1971. They are still together and going strong, with
orignial members (Joe Mascheo & Terry Blackwood) and tour the U.S. and Europe doing a 'Virtual Elvis Show' -
which is Elvis singing via giant screen with his original backing singers (the Imperials) and original band
members playing (including James Burton on guitar!!!)

Royce sings tenor for the Imperials and his sweet, clear and delightfully soulful vocals are a pleasure to listen to!
He's recording 10 songs for his new Cd that's due for release soon.   We're working day and night to finish Mr.
Taylor's Cd so he can hit the road and sell a million copies.   Seriously, this is a singers-singer who works with
a legendary group and deserves all the accolades that he receives.   Make a note to purchase Royce Taylor's Cd
when it's released.  It's being produced for page2 management by Tom Sabella.   If you want to hear one of the
finest singers on the scene today check out Royce Taylor!!

Royce Taylor Singing a Sweet Tenor!                                Tom Sabella - Mike Pachelli - Royce Taylor

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