Lennon lead guitar Six John Lennon lead guitar solos
5.17 MB
Blackbird Here's the charts and tabs for my "Blackbird" YouTube lesson. Enjoy! 2.13 MB
Six George Harrison SOLOS Here are the charts & tabs of the six George Harrison Solos. 7.72 MB
Paul McCartney Lesson Charts & tabs to the Genius of Paul McCartney Guitar 4 MB
And Your Bird Can Sing Charts & Tabs to play both lead parts at once! 757 KB
The End Here's the charts & tabs for the guitar parts of the Beatles "The End." 935 KB
Day Tripper Here's the file for an Easy Beatles lesson. Day Tripper 852 KB
I Am The Walrus Here's the chart & tabs for "I Am The Walrus." 3.11 MB
Hard Day's Night Charts & Tabs for "Hard Day's Night" 1.49 MB
Pride and Joy Charts and tabs for this SRV classic 3.33 MB
Peaceful Easy Feeling Charts and tabs for this Eagles classic! 1.4 MB
Here Comes The Sun Charts & Tabs for Here Comes The Sun 1.28 MB
I Should Have Known Better Chart & Tabs for Lennon's classic! 689 KB
Help! Charts & Tabs for this classic hit! 1.35 MB
Ticket To Ride Here's the chart & tabs 1.42 MB