From the recording Meeting Point


Here’s a story a bit naive - ‘bout a lovely lady her name was Eve

Her and Adam lived I think it was in Sweden

No wait a minute it was the garden of Eden

They had everything a woman and a man could want

They walked around naked without any shame

Knew every animal by their first name

Made love ‘til the sun go down

Made each other smile didn’t know how to frown

Yea man they had everything that money can’t buy   (solo)

One day Eve was talking to McDuff 

He said, “hey baby I got some wonderful stuff.

And if you take it you gonna be like God.  Don’t worry baby it’s an easy job.

I wouldn’t jive you ‘cause you’re the finest chick in town.”

She took a hit and got real sick.  Looked over at Adam and that was it.

He no longer looked cool he was out of style.   They began to argue you

could hear them for miles.   If it wasn’t for the police Lord knows what they would

have done.

That’s the story I cannot rebuff - that’s the story of Adam and Eve and McDuff