Greetings -

I've recently finished recording tracks for my next CD. 
it's called IMPRESSIONS. New versions of my favorite
jazz guitarists' recordings. I've launched a Kickstarter
to help finance the mastering, replication & promotion.

The way Kickstarter works is if I don't hit my goal  
I receive no funds and the Cd won't be released. Please
view the Kickstarter as a pre-order campaign and know
that if the goal isn't reached you won't be charged.

To hear samples click:


I pay tribute to Joe Pass, Wes Montgomery, Django
Reinhardt, Kenny Burrell, Pat Martino Johnny Smith,
and Allan Holdsworth.  I appreciate your consideration
and could REALLY use your support!!

Also available here are the charts (with TABS) from the
John Lennon Lead Guitar Playing, Genius of George
Harrison and Paul McCartney Guitar video lessons
plus Blackbird, The End, Day Tripper, And Your Bird
Can Sing and more.